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Well Known Australian Airlines

Qantas Airways

The Qantas story is inextricably linked with the development of civil aviation in Australia. It begins with fragile biplanes carrying one or two passengers in open cockpits.  Then the story progresses to advanced Boeing 747s flying some 400 people halfway around the world in a day.

But it is a story of human endeavour, not just machines. A few determined individuals overcame formidable obstacles to establish the Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Ltd (QANTAS). Supported by committed staff and loyal customers, the airline persevered through war and peace to serve the nation and build an enterprise. The Qantas story is about the people who have created its exciting and productive history – its staff, its customers and the excellence of its business partners and key suppliers.

Today, Qantas is widely regarded as the world’s leading long distance airline and one of the strongest brands in Australia. Qantas continues to provide outstanding service to its customers and is at the forefront of the international civil aviation industry.

The future holds many challenges for Qantas – maintaining safe operations and world-class product standards while building a viable and competitive position long term for the airline.

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Jetstar Airways

Jetstar is Australia’s new low fares airline. Our aim is to provide consistent low fares to Australian and New Zealand leisure travellers.

We started flying on the 25th May 2004 and offer customers a simple and fresh travel experience.

Jetstar is using the previous low-cost airline Impulse as its operating entity. After Qantas purchased Impulse, the airline remained a separate entity flying under the QantasLink brand.

The selection of Impulse as the vehicle for Jetstar allowed us to get Jetstar off the ground faster. The Impulse brand has been replaced by Jetstar.

Jetstar is wholly owned by Qantas but is managed separately and operates independently. Our headquarters is in Melbourne.

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