The Reason Behind Why are Flights in Australia So Expensive

Flights in Australia can be up to 50% more expensive than flights in other countries. The main factors that contribute to the higher prices of flights are the cost of fuel and market size. Let me explain further…

Why are flights in australia so expensive
Every little penny counts these days and travel is no exception

Explanation of the Different Factors Contributing to the Higher Prices

Typically, airlines are always looking for ways to make more profit. Australians travelling domestically are on average paying more than people living in other Pacific Rim countries (around $90 on average). 

The main reason for this is because Australian airports are located far away from the population centres on the east coast of Australia, meaning that they can charge airlines more per passenger because of their capacity constraints. Airlines also believe that they can charge more because Australians do not seem to care about airfare prices as much as people in other countries do.

The geography of Australia makes it difficult for people living on the east coast to travel overseas at affordable rates, due to the large geographical distances involved.

With the increase in competition from low-cost carriers, Australian airlines have been forced to increase their prices or risk losing their share of the marketplace. That leaves customers with fewer options and higher-priced tickets.

People who usually pay for these expensive airline fares are those who need to travel a lot because they have a job that requires them to fly often.

Alternatives for Affordable Flight Options

There are many alternatives for affordable flight deals. From looking at low-cost carriers to booking your flights in advance, you can save a lot of money.

Here is an overview of what we will go through:

  • Learn about the best affordable international flights and domestic flight deals.
  • Explore how to find cheap flights using low-cost carriers and inexpensive regional airlines.
  • Find out how to find the best prices on hotel rooms at your destination.

The content of this section is about alternatives for affordable flight options.

The number of flights at the moment is limited because there are not enough aircraft to accommodate all the passengers. And if you want to travel with your family, it will be even more difficult to find affordable flight options. So, what are the best alternatives for affordable flight options?

Airbnb offers accommodation around airports so you can stay near your departure terminal and catch an early morning flight. If you choose one of these accommodations, you won’t have to worry about finding a hotel room or finding a taxi driver, just pack your suitcase and leave it at the airport!

Boarding flight in Australia
Passengers boarding a domestic flight in Australia

How to Save Money on Flights with these Tips

Plan ahead

The earlier you plan your flight, the more chances you have of finding cheap flights. If you make a reservation in advance, there is a chance that the price will drop and you can get a cheaper ticket.

Fly off-peak

Another way to save money on flights is to fly when there are not many people flying. If you plan your trips for when there are low rates of travel, then that will help to save money on flights. Generally, this means avoiding busy periods such as holidays and weekends when it’s more expensive.

Fly midweek

Flying during the week usually has cheaper rates than on weekends or holidays so try to fly during the week if possible.

This section will provide tips on how to save money on flights.

1. Check the Airlines’ Websites

2. Consider Alternative Routes

3. Book Earlier in Advance

4. Book a Return Flight

It is important to know the cheapest way to fly because it will have a huge impact on your budget.

To save money on flights, you should book your flight early and avoid paying for expensive add-ons.

You should also check fares from different airlines and airports to get the best deal. You can use an online tool such as or, which allows you to compare airfares from various sources.

What is the Deal with Flights and Taxes in Australia?

There is a tax hit in Australia. You will have to pay the accompanying tax when you book your flight with an airline.

Australian airlines are subject to Australian legislation that requires them to pay a certain amount of money in tax. This tax is for flights departing from Australia and flights departing Australia to another country. It does not apply to any other form of travel.

How Can I Find Cheaper Flights with an Australian Carrier if my Destination is Outside of Australia?

The best way to find the cheapest flights within Australia is by comparing different airlines and their prices. If you want to travel abroad, you can check out the operators in your country of interest and compare operators in Australia. They might have better deals than Australian carriers for cheaper flights outside of Australia.

A general internet search to find flights to New Zealand is not always the best idea. Many websites can find cheaper flights to New Zealand from Sydney, Australia.

The cheapest way to get a flight is to search for an Australian carrier because they will generally be less expensive than other airlines. You could also try searching by date or destination instead of a specific airline.